Agile. Управленческая трансформация

Workshop по внедрению Agile в крупных корпоративных системах. Билайн Евразия

Что было на тренинге:
Провели рабочую сессию для руководителей команды трансформации стран Евразии. В рамках сессии погрузились в особенности перехода из иерархической модели управления в плоскую.

Разобрались с подводными камнями при поэтапном внедрении Agile, изучили реальный опыт внедрения в крупнейших компаниях финансового сектора.

  • Kristina Tikhonova
    Head of Transformation VEON Eurasia
    We have invited Dmitriy as an inspirational speaker on the transformation, and I was amazed with the level of engagement Dmitriy got in the audience. First of all, the speech and story were absolutely spot on. They were a well needed injection of energy. Dmitriy showcased the example of how huge Russian bank did the transformation successfully. Most importantly, what triggered it, and what stages it went through.

    Secondly, we found out useful a framework of company lifecycle that was introduced by Dmitriy to us.

    Finally, it came across in the very right timing – we're working on a new operating model, and we want to stick to agile thinking in the new organization. All participants were giving very positive remarks on the workshop and its huge impact on what they're doing, and we're eager to engage with Dmitriy for the other events as well.